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Ideal for those tough and sensitive places to reach on your pet. Great for your face, feet and ears. Great for clean-ups on pads to eliminate ice and mud build-ups

6 Position Acculock Attachment Comb

Three Close Cut Trimmer Attachment Combs



Aust Product No. : WA9990-2012


Barcode EAN: 4391709990


Battery Type: 2x AA Alkaline Batteries


Blade Type: High Carbon Steel. Replacement Blade- WA1001-400


Cutting Length: 0.5 MM


Cutting Width: 22 mm


Manufactured: Made in China


Motor / Drive: DC Rotary



Kit includes: Battery Operated Trimmer, Storage Base, 6 Position Acculock Attatchment Comb, Three Close Cut Trimmer Combs, Two AA Alkaline Batteries, Trimmer Oil, Cleaning Brush, and Instructions