Keep clippers and trimmers performing well by regularly oiling, cleaning and disinfecting.

Includes spray on disinfectant, blade ice™, clipper blade oil, large cleaning brush and a soft storage zipper case.

SPRAY ON DISINFECTANT (240 ml.) - High quality hard surface disinfectant, developed from the best new technology to stop and kill microbial growth. Eliminates infectious micro-organisms such as: Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Tuberculocidal. Approved by Health Canada, DIN 02338521. Convenient spray pump bottle.

BLADE ICE™ (14 oz.) - Coolant, lubricant & cleaner. Cools blades instantly. Safe on most plastics.

CLIPPER BLADE OIL (4 oz.) - Lubricates blades to cut smoothly and efficiently. Formula extends blade life by reducing friction. Keeps blades from Seizing.



UPC Number: 0 64132 50269 6

Kit includes: Soft storage zipper case - Spray on disinfectant - Blade Ice™ - Clipper blade oil - Large cleaning brush