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Top TIps Animal Clippers
Top Tips

Before clipping you should always clean thick dirt from the coat. Sand particles and similar dirt can quickly blunt the blade set during clipping. That is why you should brush the coat before clipping or give the animal a bath using a mild shampoo. Please note that all tangles must be removed before the bath! 

Cutting length adjustment

For models with integrated cutting length adjustment you can vary the blade set so as to achieve a cutting length of 0.7 to 3 mm. If you don’t want to cut the fur shorter than 3 mm, you can fit so-called attachment combs to the blade set. 


In order to enjoy long use from your WAHL® animal clipper, we recommend cleaning the blade set after each use and wiping the equipment with a soft, but not damp, cloth. To guarantee the optimum cutting performance of your WAHL® animal clipper, it is essential that the blade set is lubricated after cleaning.