5ive’s list of awards and accolades has made him one of the most in demand
barbers. His versatility is unrivalled as he can work with any hair type, whilst
the enthusiasm and energy he brings to hairdressing and barbering makes
him an integral member of the Wahl Artistic Team.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, South Londoner, 5ive, has a
treasured competitive history, acquiring award titles such as ‘Battle of the
Barbers’ ‘S-Curl Champion’, ‘Afro Stylist of the Year’ and ‘Southern Stylist of
the Year’. His work has appeared in an exhibition for 50 years of Black British
Style, and he is always on call for A-List celebrities such as Usher, P-Diddy and
Lionel Ritchie.

5ive has become a platform artist for many seminars and shows, including
the Afro Hair & Beauty Show and L’Oreal’s Masterclass. He can be seen
showcasing an array of exciting techniques on worldwide stages alongside the
Wahl Artistic Team and educating the next hairdressing generation.