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Clipper Maintenance

There are some essential steps to take when caring for your clippers. Just a few basic maintenance tasks will ensure that your clippers and trimmers provide you with many years of problem free grooming.
- How to clean the clippers and maintain the blades to ensure optimum cutting performance at every use
- Blade alignment and general care
- Power and voltage regulation

Preparing Your Dog

Before clipping your dog it is important that the coat is prepared correctly. This information will assist you in making the grooming experience as positive as possible for both you and your dog.
- Brushing
- Washing

Pet Trims

This section looks at the various different pet clips available. Different breeds require different cuts and this information will guide and instruct you on how to achieve the best results for your dog.
- Where to start
- Direction of clipping
- Sensitive areas

Tips and Techniques

Professional tips to ensure that grooming your dog is both fun and rewarding.
- Clipping lengths
- Scissoring
- Blending